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March Update

Thursday, March 11, 2021 by Dayvin Sterling | Uncategorized

Hello everyone!  We are well into March!  


A date has been set for the Spring Concert.  It will be held on Sunday, May 30th, at 2pm.  PLEASE mark it on your calendar NOW!!!  It will be at the Golf Village Church next to the Walgreens across from Murabella shopping plaza.  

PLEASE consider signing your students up for a Music Monday.  REMEMBER if you sign up, you are COMMITTED.  Please do not back out the day of.  The few other students are counting on you each other to be their audience.  Please note this is a FREE service I am offering my students to help prepare them for the concert.  It gives them an opportunity to perform for a small group prior to the concert.  This builds there confidence, helps them learn how to deal with anxiety, and is a great way for them to know other piano students!

Happy Spring and I hope you have a wonderful break next week!

Dayvin Sterling