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Thanksgiving update

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 by Dayvin Sterling | Uncategorized

Hello everyone!  Hope you are getting ready for Thanksgiving and will have a pleasant holiday, whether you are zooming, visiting in person, or any other way you may find to celebrate.  

I have been looking at the calendar for December and the Spring semester of 2021.  There will be only 3 lessons in December as I am taking off for the winter break.  If a make up is necessary I will fit it in during the first 3 weeks of December.  

Starting in January we will be back to the regular 4 lessons per month, and the tuition you are currently paying each month will stay the same.  

There is a 5th week in March and April, so every student will receive a 5th lesson in one of these months.  I am applying that lesson to the week of Spring break, March 15th-March 19th.  There will be no lessons that week.  

The following holidays I will continue to teach:  MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day.  If you choose to not have a lesson that day, I cannot guarantee a make up.  As always, I try to support all my students in every way, and if it is at all possible to have a make up I will.  However, I cannot 100% guarantee it.  

Summer schedule will start in the first week of June.  There are 10 weeks worth of lessons, and I encourage all students to continue lessons and practice over the summer.  I will be teaching 8 of the 10 weeks between June to the start of school August 10th.  I will be taking two weeks of vacation, dates TBA.  

If you have any questions about the schedule, please do not hesitate to text, call or email me.  My main focus is giving my students the best musical experience possible.  Again I will continue to support my students in any way possible.  

Happy Thanksgiving!